Daily Draw: Green Woman, Five of Bells (Danger), Tara Yulle Gyalma (Irresistible Truth)

Today’s draw is a warning to take care of ourselves and get out into the natural world if at all possible. Health is at risk, especially mental health. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, practice being detached today: detach from your thoughts and see them from a distance. Don’t engage with them. Don’t believe what they tell you about yourself because depression will lie. It’s one of the worst things about depression: your own mind turns against you. I have been living with it myself to varying degrees since my late teens, and I know it can be a bitch. So it’s a practice and a gift to give oneself distance rather than buying into the madness. On an external level, beware what comes at you from the outside world. Let niggling worries and anxieties be cut away, and don’t put too much emphasis on what you can’t control. Breathe deeply and surrender what is outside your influence because constantly taking it in is doing some real damage to your psyche.


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