Daily Draw: Memento Mori, Freyja (Sensuality), Hangatyr (Powerlessness)

Some old things need to die, and some new habits need to die off as well. Letting ourselves get distracted by fantasy and daydreaming isn’t helpful right now. It’s understandable of course because it’s human, and there’s a great deal of creative potential in daydreaming. But there’s a point at which so much “drifting” becomes counterproductive. Do what you can to focus today. I have a friend who sets a timer whenever she gets on Facebook because otherwise she’d lose hours. We all would–hell, we all do. The timer idea is very wise, and I’d recommend it or something like it in the coming days because there isn’t time any more to let go of focus. Another thing we need to let go of us that feeling of powerlessness and being at the whim of forces we can’t control. We are not just cogs in a machine. We’re not here to pad someone else’s bank account through our hard work. We are all parts of a Cosmic whole, and that whole is utterly undone without each of us doing our part. No one is more valuable that you, and no one is less valuable than you.



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