Daily Draw: Mercury Rising, Eir (Healing), Hel (Death)

Ok, wow. For real, look at this. Life and healing happens (on the left) and Death and submission to the great unknown happens (on the right). When I was laying out the cards this morning, I had a spread in mind for the general theme of the reading, which in this case is the medicine of Mercury Rising: the card on the left represents what actions we can take, and the card on the right indicates what’s going to happen regardless of what we do. So, yeah. Death happens. It’s going to happen and there’s nothing we can do about it. The Tower charm here comes from the Lenormand system so it means something different than the Tower in the Tarot. Here, it means “Authority,” “Governments,” “the well-established System.” And you can see that it is falling. Structures that have stood for a long time are collapsing, pouring themselves out into the great pool of spirit at Hel’s feet. Everything dies. Everything ends. But the Star at Her head is equally clear: this is not an evil thing. This is not a bad thing. Death is nothing to be terrified of. It is a process, the same as birth is. Recognizing this might make living life more fulfilling for us–which is what the card on the left is about: Eir is the doctor of the Gods, the Medicine Mother who knows how to heal everything just as Hel is the Mother of Death who welcomes us all in the end. We must continue to heal and work toward greater healing for all despite Death in our future (and for some, in our present). And the Hello Kitty! charm encourages us to heal by playing, by engaging and activating our inner child no matter what else is going on. Old ways have great medicine for us, and help us to understand in a way that our modern ways don’t seem to be able to that Death is what happens, and fearing It, fearing Her doesn’t stop Her from coming. It just robs us of the joy and beauty of our lives in the now.

— The Muse’s Darling



  1. How timely! I’m in the midst of a move (house under contract, looking for a new one) from the place my late husband and I spent ten wonderful years, to a place across the mountain, down near my aging parents and my siblings. Death of the old, birth of something new, and a chance to do the Work Odin has for me, in a new place. It will be *interesting*, since I haven’t lived close to my parents and siblings for forty years, but I’ll be able to help them out and, hopefully, help others as well.

    Vallidation is always nice. Thanks!


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