Daily Draw: The Ruby Cup, Swafnir (Craftiness), Thökk (Bitterness)

Let’s talk about treasure, those things we value most and what we’re searching high and low for. Those things that complete us. We may have more of them than we think, or rather, we may be richer in ways we don’t recognize than we think, and it’s important to start recognizing those things so that we protect them better from those who would steal from us. Guard your shit, people. That doesn’t mean you should go all Unabomber/NRA and freak out and go live in a bunker somewhere in the desert to keep people away from your cash. We’re here to enjoy life and learn as much as we can from the process and each other. But it’s important to not pay so little attention that ungrounded energies come and take because they can. (“Ungrounded energies” can be anything from flaky people who rely on you to rescue them to downright evil assholes and everything in between.) Use your treasure in concert with others for greater impact. And don’t mourn so much for things that are gone that you drown in your own bitterness. Learn from the loss as much as you can, use the experience, and move on.


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