Daily Draw: Echo, Berserkers (Battle-Madness), and Balder (Goodness)

So, yeah. Whoa. We walk the lines between light and dark, between sanity and madness, between knowing and ignorance, between our human minds and our animal natures. It’s a long and dangerous road, and our compasses are sometimes askew (see it in the photo there? True North is actually in the East, so everything is thrown off. Our ability to see, to know and understand, even to study these things, is thrown off because of the wildness of our animal natures and how badly out of balance they are. Look at the world around you: human madness is EVERYWHERE. Suffering is everywhere, and we’re wandering around trying to find some kind of light through it, some kind of understanding of it. The wisdom today is to stop. Stop wandering. Take time to go within and quiet the lunatic mind. Quiet that piece of yourself that reacts to everything awful, and just breathe. Turn off social media. Turn off the TV and radio, and just go quiet. Breathe.


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