Daily Draw: Green Woman, Gylfi (the Quest), and Iduna (Renewal)

The human heart is a strange beastie, my friends. Sometimes it may feel like an alien being is driving you, something you don’t understand and wish would go away. Don’t wish that, though. It’s your heart, and it wants what it wants. Your happiness depends on it. Today is a good day to get outside if you can, or if you can’t, to cultivate the “outside” within you. Go in search of what matters most to you. You’re on a long journey anyway, so taking some time to just breathe and listen won’t matter except to your heart (and it’ll give your mind a break). You are so beloved, my dears. We forget that. We tend to think we’re all alone on this walk of life, but we’re not. Our ancestors are with us every step of the way. They could be blood ancestors or ancestors of affinity (or both!), but either way, they’re with you, guiding you, and they think you’re the bomb. So relax. Your search will end successfully. But for now, rest, recuperate, and take in those healthy foods and drinks that will nourish you best. Breathe in the outside.


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