Daily Draw: The Owl, the 3 of Bells, the 3 of Wheels

Today’s draw is about what we tell ourselves about fear and how to get past it. Somebody Over There wants to get your attention: you’re letting your fears drive right now and that’s a bad idea. Get the Fear Monster out from behind the wheel and put your dreams there instead. And if the Fear Monster starts back-seat-driving, because that’s what Fear Monsters do (they can’t help it), focus instead on how to make the road ahead more passable. What actions can you take? What can you do right now in the manifested world to move yourself along? Nothing quiets the Fear Monster quite like action, so take one. Do something. Make, create, move, build, and focus forward. Listen to your inner guidance.

Decks: “A Curious Oracle,” Holly DeFount; “Tara Wisdom Cards,” Jessica Zebrine Gray


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