Daily Draw: Green Woman, The Moon rev. (Mani), Krimhild

Ok, my dears. Here’s the thing: You’re carrying around a LOT of negativity. Let’s just start there, and accept that. It may actually be making you sick, so you need to start taking better care of yourself. Consider this your “getting yelled at” by a grandma who really loves you very much and is only concerned about your well-being and has no agenda of her own. Your Noni is sick of your shit and wants you to stop it and start doing better for yourself because you matter. Get outside, breathe the fresh air, and walk barefoot in the grass or on the dirt (if you’re in California right now or anywhere else hit by drought, grass might be hard to come by so aim for dirt). Walk around for a few minutes. Noni knows it’s hot outside and doesn’t care. Do it anyway, but be sure to put on a hat and sunscreen. Imagine healing energy flowing through you down into the dirt, a river washing away all the crap you’ve accumulated in taking care of other people. Today’s draw shows that all that negativity is causing you harm, especially if you’re a woman. You are en-womb-ing everybody else’s pain and it’s making you sick in the same way that any stillbirth would. Time to get rid of it. Do cleansing baths/showers, clearing rituals, use selenite to clear your energy bodies, and go walk around in the dirt.



  1. Thanks for this. An old ex friend/boyfriend recently got back in touch with me after four years and it caused all the old negativity (and probably some new negativity) to come back into my life. He wants to be friends again and have a completely fresh start, but I’m torn about what to do due to everything that went on before. To make matters worse I’m currently very ill right now and not prepared to deal with this. Since I can’t go outside at the moment, I’m going to light the sage candle and do some mediating. Also, going to be talking to my spirit guardian and angels to get them to help me stay positive and heal.

    Ps. I love your blog and do find that your readings fit in with my different situations. All the best.


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