Daily Draw: Mercury Rising, Page of Cups rev. (Mengloth), and Aar (Far-Sightedness)

Today’s draw is a warning to slow down, breathe, relax, and take precautions agains harm. You are going places that may not be particularly healthy for you, so cut ties where you instinctively feel negativity. You are gestating something precious and it’s not ready to be born yet, so keep the end game in mind. Don’t just act in the now, for the now. Put your mind to the future, to what will be, what will come. In California, for example, the state is bone dry. We’ve had a terrible drought for four years, and we desperately need rain. So, what can Californians do to bring rain? Pray, of course, but that’s not all. There are people working as political activists to combat climate change in the policy sphere, and there are those who are changing their habits as best they can to reduce their carbon footprints. There are those who are cleaning up waterways and roadways, and others who are composting and home-farming and reducing waste as much as possible. These things won’t make it rain, but they will add to the larger effort to combat human effects on planetary systems in a healthy and healing way. On a personal level, the wisdom here is to look within to see what you can be doing to help yourself be healthier for the long-term. Your life is a long journey: do you want to be healthy for it? Start making changes now.

Decks: “A Curious Oracle,” Holly DeFount; “The Giants’ Tarot,” Raven Kaldera; “Das Germanische Götterorakel, Edition Roter Drache.”




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