Daily Draw: The Shield, the Four of Swords (the Volva), Thökk (Bitterness)

Today’s draw is about how we allow ourselves to be moved by our convictions. Do we dig too deeply into things better left alone because we feel entitled by our drive to prevent disaster? Are our fantasies driving us into areas that we don’t belong in? We need to be careful about that. We are being reminded that there is more going on than we can see, and that what we are perceiving as magical exceptionalism (e.g., “the gods want me to have this,” “I am the special one”) is in fact a reflection of the gifts we were given to share with others, not to crow about. Sometimes our convictions are wrong, or they have disastrous consequences. Maybe we thought we were right at the time, and we might even have been right, but the consequences of our actions have been devastating for more than ourselves and they represent things that cannot be fixed or undone. The best that can be done now is to acknowledge guilt and wrongdoing, make amends, and move on. There is new growth happening, and the best way for it to grow is to clear the ground of the detritus of past mistakes.


“A Curious Oracle,” Holly DeFount, “The Giants’ Tarot,” Raven Kaldera, “Das Germanische Götterorakel,” Red Dragon Edition


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