Daily Draw: Honeybee, Knight of Coins, Five of Coins rev.

Transitioning from one state of being into another is usually uncomfortable and this transition you’re in has been no different. The good news is that this phase should be over (or over soon), and a new phase will begin. It’s been a transformative passage, and it’s important to watch how you take care of yourself now. Look carefully at what you eat and drink (and why), what your exercise regimen is, and how you balance the energies that flow through you every day. You are doing very well in developing and marshalling your inner resources; now begins the challenge of managing new and incoming external resources.



  1. Found your awesome site all because of hocuspocus13! Your site is beautiful! What deck are you using for today’s two card spread? The honeybee is really speaking to me! And what are the charms, they are so cool, and what do they mean? 🙂


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