Daily Draw: The Ruby Cup, The Hanged Man, and the Nine of Wands

So, let’s see here. How does treasure manifest in your life? What does the word “treasure” mean to you? Do you see doubloons whenever you hear that word? Or a grandchild, maybe? Whatever treasure you have, today is a good day to work on manifesting both inner and outer versions of it. On the inward side, when it comes to manifesting the deep inner richness that you can and will carry with you between lives, focus on patience. Seek the light, the true guiding wisdom within that speaks to you and you alone. You can trust it; it is your authority. Also, if you do ancestor work (and you should; we all should), you can trust what comes through from them. You are in a period of change, so don’t be afraid to shield and protect what is precious. You don’t owe anybody answers.



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