Daily Draw: Nazar, The Empress, & the King of Swords

Today’s theme is all about protection. Bathe yourself in loving protection, self-care, and shielding. Put yourself first, in a sacred way (not in a selfish, kick-over-old-ladies way). Eat properly. Get rest. Don’t pay attention to (or engage in) gossip. Keep your eyes focused on your goals, and let love rule. Metta. Loving kindness and a willingness to forgive all beings (as best you can), starting with yourself. This is a beautiful reading and it deserves your attention. Protect what’s most sacred about your sexuality–don’t just give or throw it away–and charge that energy only into what’s most loving and good. Balance that with wisdom. Note the Mother – Father dynamic in the cards, with loving protection in between. Let that manifest in your life, especially if it’s something you never had in the physical realm. Let it be true between you and your Powers That Be.



A Curious Oracle,” Holly DeFount

City Mystic: New York,” Ginnie Jester


  1. Love this reading and today’s. And – sometimes even if you did have Mother/Father protection (I did), they are no longer in this world and you miss them – but can invoke them. Thank you!

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