Daily Draw: Ouroboros, Death rev. (Hela), and 9 of Wands rev. (Groa)

Today is a good day for moving forward into the unknown (both metaphorically and materially), and reach out into the abyss. You don’t need to drag along other people’s ideas of what you should or shouldn’t do. Eff that. You would only be letting yourself be caught up in their process which you’ve probably already been through yourself so why go through all that again? Feel your own power and go from there–start there, create from that place. Everything moves in circles, but nothing is linear (in the sense of being flat). The circles we travel in are across multiple dimensions, in and out of various worlds, through and forward and up and down, back and forth, and sometimes at a halt. Sometimes we go uphill, sometimes downhill. Along the journey we pick up all kinds of stuff that we want to keep or think we’ll need. We’re furious little Cosmos-traveling magpies, and we gather up crap that isn’t ours. Time to let as much of that go as possible. Be careful and mindful of who you listen to, and don’t ever follow anybody blindly. Take advice and garner wisdom, sure. But watch out for the Unworthy Guru. You will end up carrying his burdens as well as your own, his fears and karma, and you’ll need to untangle yourself from it daily across all those levels and dimensions. It’s a major pain in the ass, so avoid it if you can and trust those who constantly, consistently prove that they deserve your trust.


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