Daily Draw: The Prayer Wheel, The Hermit (rev.), and the Two of Wands

Today’s draw is a strange, wonderfully resonant combination of opposites: the straight and the circular, above and below, the active and the passive, surging forward movement and meditative withdrawal. It is time to take control of your mind. You may in the past have dabbled with meditation, contemplative prayer, affirmations, etc., but now it’s time for the rubber to meet the road. No more dabbling. It’s time now to put those efforts to the real test by constant daily practice. No more wishy-washiness. You need to take responsibility for your own spiritual cleanliness; in the same way that you bathe regularly, it’s important to spiritually cleanse and clarify regularly too, whatever that means for you. You’re not a child any more–none of us are–and the only way to break through the barriers we face as a society right now is to grow up and take responsibility for our connectedness in the world. You don’t have to believe in a god or gods, or even be a spiritual person. You can be an atheist if you like. The point is to take some time every day, starting today, to cultivate mental peace and quiet. Start with the cycle of your breath, and let the madness that surrounds you fall away.


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