Daily Draw: The Jewel, the Page of Swords, and the Sun

Whew! Made it through that dark patch, and now we’re on our way forward again. Today’s draw is all about riches and how they manifest in our lives, both inwardly and outwardly. Inwardly, you’ve got so much more magic than you realize, although perhaps you’re beginning to tap into it now. Let yourself keep doing that. There is integrity and something so precious there, something that is uniquely your own, native and natural to you, that is of great value to the rest of the world. Outwardly, help where you can, and that includes helping yourself. But if you see someone who needs help, who needs a hand up, do what you can. We are all connected in this life, so helping someone out now helps you out in the future. You also may have more power to energize the goodness in people than you think, so give good. Do good. Be good. You don’t know how it will affect everyone else in the web around you, or how those affects will ripple out beyond you. But they will. Trust that.


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