Daily Draw: Blackbird, The Hierophant, and The Emperor

Ok, so, wow. The theme of today’s draw is grief, heartbreak, and disappointment, what’s yours and what comes from outside you, the pain and suffering that comes along in life whether you’re ready for it or not. It’s unavoidable because it’s life. What matters here is how you deal with it. There is no escaping it, so don’t even try. The thing to do is look at how you’re looking at it: do you see change and upheaval as negative, as something “the gods” are doing to you because they hate you? (Hint: They don’t. Why would They?) Today’s draw is about how to work with this energy as it appears in your life, to make positive change happen or at least to find ways to work with grief and despair so that you can learn from it and hopefully be better prepared the next time it comes around. When you experience inner turmoil, look for the source of it, not the symptoms. What’s the cause? On Sunday evening I did some journeywork to talk to my demons directly about my food addictions, and what I came away with after that conversation was that I eat and overeat because I’m desperately unhappy right now in my life and I need to do more to actively find happiness. I can’t just sit and wallow in despair. That’s not helpful to anybody, least of all me. So if you are experiencing inner pain, look at the root of it: don’t beat yourself up for having the addiction. What’s the addiction masking? And if you’re dealing with pain from outside, get away from it. Cut it off. Don’t drown your sorrows, and don’t accept misery that isn’t yours. Be fierce in establishing and holding boundaries, and be the absolute monarch of your domain. You are the ruler of the kingdom of you. You hold the keys to your castle. Start acting like it.


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