Daily Draw: Runes, runes, runes…

Today’s draw is runes and charms. All the runes and charms. Well, ok. Not ALL of them, but I tipped out the bag of runes and lined up the ones that came out face-up. Then I sprinkled some charms on top to see what came up. It’s interesting in that the line begins and ends with the dead. We are on the wheel of Samsara, the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth that may not be endless but which for most of us lasts a really long time. It’s a process, and life is what happens in between (if you’ll forgive the statement of the obvious). Our ancestors walk with us, and we are a reflection of them. Be gentle with yourselves today and keep doing what you’re doing–keep doing the work. All will become clear further down the road, so just do you for now.

Runes: Cweorth, Sowelo, Tiewaz, Wunjo, Fehu, Eihwaz, Berkana, Ansuz, Chalc, Othila, Jera, Ehwaz, Gar, Ear

Charms: Ancestor Gnome, The Hook, The Star, The Clubs, The Life Preserver, The Spinning Wheel, The Trophy, The Goddess, “Romeo & Juliet,” Stonehenge, The Snail, The Handcuffs



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