Daily Draw: Echo & Page of Cups (Mengloth)

So, fire. Yeah. In California there are fires burning all over the place, and there’s a blog post by Mark Morford on SFGate.com about climate change and everything being on fire that came across my Facebook feed this morning that resonates with today’s reading on a macro level. But this is about the cleansing fires that happen on a micro level. What needs to go in your life? What needs to get burned away? It’s time. If we won’t or can’t let go of it it will get taken from us, and all wisdom says that having things taken is a much more traumatic process than willingly letting go–although sometimes letting go is impossible, or seemingly so. Either way, willingly or unwillingly, change is at hand, and it will eventually be apparent as change for the better. There is healing happening now, medicine that we must take, and there is no knowing how or why that medicine will work. This is a faith healing, people, and we have to go through it in order to be reborn.



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