Daily Draw: 2 of Coins rev (Fenja & Menja) and Ace of Wands rev (Logi)

Trouble and strife are a part of life, a part of the Great Wheel, which is always turning. There are times to fight, times to put all your tremendous strength to the test, and there are times to realize that you are flat on your back and vulnerable to the forces of the world. You’ve gotten your ass kicked. Acknowledge it. Just let that be true. Be in that moment if it’s true for you. There is wisdom to be gleaned from it, and you can’t find that wisdom by fighting. Let go of ideas and plans that aren’t coming to fruition right now. There may be better, more fortuitous times for them in the future, so put them on the back burner and bring forward other things that need your attention more. There is death in rebirth, and rebirth in death. Now is a moment for facing those endings and acknowledging the humanity inherent in them. There will come a moment for rising again. But as those of you with Christian roots will know, Christ was dead for three days before his resurrection. He didn’t go immediately from being dead to being arisen. And the Ogham stave there on the left of the photo is the Elder tree and it represents the thirteenth “month” of the year, the last three days of the dying year that end at midnight on Samhain. You are in that period of three-day holding, of stasis and death, of the God-Who-Has-Died and is in the Kingdom of the Dead before being reborn into new life. Look around and take what wisdom you can from it with you when you arise.



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