Daily Draw: 6 of Cups & 4 of Pentacles (rev)

As we return from the weekend into our regular working lives, it’s valuable to bring forward gifts to share and offer to others from wherever we’ve been. Be in the now and in your real life, and share willingly the treasures you’ve received. But here’s a warning: the idea is to share what you choose to share, with “choose” being the operative word. You don’t have to let others take your stuff. Give where you want to give, where you choose to give, and don’t let others manipulate you into giving where you don’t feel drawn to. Your journey is not over–you’re not done yet, so it isn’t time to completely clear the decks. But letting go of some things that brought you joy once but no longer do now (and that may now bring joy to someone else) will bring blessings to you both. Release with joy and a full, grateful heart. That’s the key.


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