Daily Draw: The Fool (Ymir) and Nine of Wands (Groa)

Today’s draw is about what’s unseen that can help you and what’s unseen that can hurt you. There is drama afoot, and some of it is taking the form of people who are looking to draw on your power and feed on it. Go incognito if you need to, and let disguises or masks be playful and fun while being effective. Stay shielded, and play dumb when being The Public Authority will only bring increased attacks. I don’t usually like posting things like this because it has a whiff of being fear-based and I’m so not about being fear-based. But I do think it’s important to pay attention when the signs are telling you to go all ninja James Bond in protection of your precious, sacred power, and be wary of the vampires because they’re real and they can be dangerous. Today is one of those days when being sweet and playful can actually protect you from that danger.




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