Daily Draw: Sea Worker, Sea Mistress, VII Chariot

It’s ok to be in the midst of a flow in which you have no idea what’s happening or what to do next. It’s more normal than maybe we’ve been led to believe by the media-hype machine that shows people doing what they’re supposed to be doing (or not) and reaping the rewards for it (or providing a tidy learning experience for the rest of us). In fact, chaos is normal and all a matter of perspective. So think today about how you define chaos, and maybe play with the idea of driving blind (metaphorically, PLEASE; don’t anybody actually try to drive blind), just to see what happens and where you end up. Be vulnerable. I mean, you already are vulnerable right now anyway, so maybe just let yourself be aware of your vulnerability rather than shielding up. What happens when you stay soft? You’re human. You’re here to live a human life. So be human. Be weird and farty and uncoordinated and strange. Be hairy if you want. Fail. Flail. Be imperfect. Just go. Do. Be. And let it happen.


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