Daily Draw: The Ruby Cup, Moonrise, Gargoyle

The wisdom coming through continues to indicate that you’re on the right path, making the right choices. It’s just that now is not quite the time to go public. Not yet. Keep letting the plans gestate, and be your own best and fiercest protector. Be clever and think things through as fully as you can before letting others in. You are getting the right wisdom-flashes, the right ideas, and you’re beginning to understand what you can do. And while it’s important to take that all-important leap, it’s also VERY important to know when to leap, and to time your self-launch carefully and only when you’re ready. The flow of things is unstoppable and it’s pushing you forward, so there’s no need to force that leap to happen. Not yet. And also The Ruby Cup is a really good sign. So yay! 🙂


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