Ritual Offering: Save the Black Innocents and Stop the Violence

My friends,

Today I wrote a ritual drawing on my Tibetan Buddhist and Dharma Pagan Tara reverence practices (go to my sangha’s web site here http://www.skydancersangha.com/our-practice-1/ for more information about what Dharma Paganism is and what our practices are). I did this because I am exhausted, horrified, and sickened by how many people of color continue to be murdered by the very authorities that are supposed to protect us all equally. There are too many to list here, to our everlasting and terrible shame, but the most recent I became aware of this morning is Sandra Bland. It’s got to stop. The violence, the hate, the racism, has all got to stop. #SandraBland #SayHerName #Black LivesMatter


Because of this continuing shit show masquerading as police protection for people of color, I have decided to start a daily practice to the wrathful emanation of Tara who dispels all negativity: Jigje Chenmo, the Great Terrifying Lady Who Completely Destroys Negativity. You are welcome to join me in this practice if you like. Here is a link to a video of the SkyDancer Sangha performing the chant during our regular Tara Tuesdays practice: https://vimeo.com/133697125 This is the chant I use in the ritual below. Please do feel free to watch the full video if you like, or if you just want to hear the mantra being chanted, skip to 21:00 on the recording.

Ritual to Save the Black Innocents and Stop the Violence


What you’ll need:

  • Candle of any color that carries significance for you in working with Deities of the dead
  • Mala
  • Ritual dagger, sword, or knife
  • Rock (this can be anything from your most precious crystal to a pebble from your sidewalk)

Place these items within easy reach. Perform three prostrations in honor of Tara Jigje Chenmo, the Great and Terrifying Lady Who Completely Destroys Negativity.

Jigje Chenmo

Seat yourself before your candle. Take three deep grounding breaths. Light the candle and say:

I light this candle in honor of those whose earthly lights have gone out. May they shine on in the Eternal Darkness that is the Blessed, Beloved Mother of All.

Set your intention for this ritual by saying:

I make this offering in honor of those men, women, and children of color who have died because of racial hatred, cut short by the fear and madness of those white people in positions of authority who should have protected them and lifted them up.

Call out to Tara Jigje Chenmo to awaken Her to your purpose:

Hail, Holy Mother! I beg you to hear my cries for justice. (Feel free to add whatever moves you to say to Her here, anything personal from your heart.)

I offer homage to Arya Tara, at whose lotus feet
the gods and non-gods make worship.
Homage to Tara, mother of all Buddhas,
who heralds freedom from limitation.
Homage to Arya Tara, a beyond-samsara goddess
whose form is delightful to perceive
and whose precious ornaments shine with splendor
like stars reflected from an emerald mountain.

Take up your mala and rapidly recite Her mantra 108 times to awaken Her:


Once that’s done, put your mala in your non-power hand. With your power hand, take up the ritual dagger. With this dagger you will intentionally cut away all negativity and evil operating in police departments, government agencies, and courts of law like slicing through brittle strings that disintegrate at your touch. As you recite the following mantra, when you get to “BAM! HUNG! PHET!”, make slicing motions in front of you with the knife in your power hand. Do this in a back-and-forth motion three times (BAM HUNG PHET, 1 2 3, back, forth, back) and visualize cutting all evil and negativity away from those people of color who are being daily betrayed by authority. When you get to “SOHA…”, imagine a soothing balm covering them to heal their wounds.

Say this mantra 108 times:


(Again, go to 21:00 on the video here if you want to hear the mantra chanted.)

When you finish, put the ritual knife and mala down, and pick up the rock. Say the following prayer into it (and it’s particularly awesome if you’re in front of an open window and can say this into the breeze as well as to the rock, but it’s also ok if not):

I ask this living rock, representative of Mother Earth, to ground this practice into Her body. May it be carried from here out into the world, stone to stone, leaf to leaf, tree to tree, breeze to breeze, droplet of water to droplet of water out into the great oceans and forests and cities of the world. May my prayer for peace and healing be whispered into every corner of this living planet. May all be at peace. May all know forgiveness. May all know love. Shanti. Om.

Then blow lightly on the stone. Hold it for a moment and imagine it as your Sacred Messenger, then place it next to the candle.

If you have time, sit in meditation for peace and healing for a few minutes. If you don’t, which is totally fine, go ahead and blow out the candle. As you do so, watch the smoke rise and say:

Take my prayers and my gratitude, Holy Mother. Love to You, love to You, love to You.


Thank you. May you all be blessed.


  1. Thank you for this. You are absolutely spot-on, this shit needs to STOP NOW! There is no doubt in my mind that Sandra Bland was murdered! Yesterday evening i did a small Sigil ritual for justice for her.

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