Daily Draw: Memento Mori & The Blackbird

Let’s talk about death. Every symbol present in today’s reading is about it, without mitigation. No belief in the afterlife. No comforting angels to make things easier. Just ends. Let’s contemplate that for a minute. We can go back to our other beliefs about death and rebirth in a minute, but first, let’s give Hela and all the gods of the dead their due. We live in this world and then we die. Why are we making things so hard on all of us while we’re here? Are we loving our precious lives as much as we can while we’re alive? Because it will end. Everything we’re in right now will end, and we don’t know when or how. It’s a part of being human, being alive with that chaos of not knowing. But there is knowing there, knowing that we are not forever. Your dead are calling to you: they were not forever either. Death is relentless and eternal, and there is no escaping It. What wounds have you suffered? Are they mortal? If not, get them tended to and keep going, because you don’t know when the mortal wound will come. We humans have a tendency to forget that life is not forever, and to treat life as if it were very cheap. The way we kill each other you’d think we all have more lives than a cat. But no, we don’t. Life is precious and finite. So contemplate that today. Spend a few minutes with your own mortality.



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