Daily Draw: The Mask & The Tree

Don’t kid yourself, people: life is much more than what meets the eye. If you think we’re born, we live, and we die and that’s it, you’re mistaken. There are cycles within cycles going on here, both ancient and modern, and you, we, are connected to everything that has gone before us and will come after us. The gods are speaking through us, through the natural world, through the still, small voices that are getting louder. We are called to listen. For real, people. I have a sack of 33 runes that I draw from every morning, and while I usually only pull out one, today I felt it was important to pull out two. And the two I pulled out (Os and Ansuz) both deal with Os, The God Voice, the mouth, communication (one is from the elder Futhark and the other is from the younger). You have immeasurable wealth in your lineages, and great wisdom coming to you. You, we, are human and divine. Time to start acting like it.



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