Daily Draw: Gargoyle (Guardian) and Moonrise (Illumination)

Today’s draw is a complex combination of shedding light and walking in mystery. You, we, are in phases right now of opening doors and discovering secrets, and while it’s important to be careful while we do so (anybody who has ever seen a teen-horror flick can tell you that you don’t walk down a staircase into a dark basement without a powerful flashlight, a fully loaded shotgun, a flamethrower, and a SWAT unit), it’s important also to remember that we are not alone. We are guarded and protected by those Ancestors and guides who walk with us, and those gods we worship (whatever form They may take). Everything comes and goes according to its season, and everything flows and ebbs according to tides that we don’t always understand. But understanding is coming today, if you’ll just let yourself be guided by intuition. Just don’t do what everybody else is doing just because they’re doing it. Also take some time to unwind. And Happy Pride Weekend!!


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