Daily Draw: Memento Mori & Compass Rose

The mighty and beloved dead are here, now, talking to you and telling you it’s time to get moving and go. It’s time to move on. The connection between you and your Ancestors is strong, and using it to fuel foward movement is what’s coming up today. Put the past in the past and go. Set up a boundary between yourself and what is no longer serving you: what stories from the past are you telling yourself about why things are the way they are? Whether you’re right about that or not is immaterial. The only direction right now is forward. Whether you go left or right, choosing this path or that one, is also immaterial. What matters is that you pick a direction and go. Follow your guidance, make up your mind, and go.



    1. Thanks, Siren! It’s an amazing deck called “A Curious Oracle,” but it’s not available yet. I have the only copy available to the public. 🙂 The creator of the deck is a dear friend of mine and I’m beta-testing it for her. I told her the response has been fabulous, so she’s decided to do a limited run of them. As soon as they’re available, I’ll post to my blog and include a link where you guys can get a copy.


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