Daily Draw: The Gargoyle (Guardian)

I’m starting a practice of doing readings with a new oracle by Holly DeFount called “A Curious Oracle.” Today’s draw is The Gargoyle, a symbol of protection. We are guided today to go within and seek wisdom and clarity from our own inner guru, taking respite from the world in our “home” (whatever that means for you). Let yourself be sheltered and held, and do not seek the opinion or company of others today unless that’s what makes up the idea of home for you. Follow the Great Witch as She goes deep; the difficulties you encounter will make you a better person, so don’t balk from them. There is also good luck in play today, so watch the signs. And when it comes to leaders, take their opinions and advice with a grain of salt. Don’t follow blindly. Let your inner Gargolye do Her job.


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