Daily Draw: 7 of Coins (rev), Fjolvar

Everything is on its head today, my friends. And here’s the bad news (because no, that bit about it all being on its head wasn’t the bad news): cleansing and resetting is coming and there’s nothing any of us can do now to stop it. The flow is happening, and we will experience it according to our karma and the karma of our ancestors. We can either piss and moan about it or we can find the opportunity for growth and work with it. We can either change or we can be broken and left by the wayside after the tsunami passes. Think about your life: How can you challenge your assumptions? How can you break down the walls that separate you from other people? What are your most cherished beliefs and assumptions about life and death and the world beyond the world and how you fit into the cosmos? Those beliefs are about to be challenged, and maybe blasted to smithereens.


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