Daily Draw: VIII Strength (Nidhogg)

You are connected. You are part of so much more than you can see. Don’t lose heart. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries have been losing heart lately because of all the #lifesuck, but you mustn’t give up. We won’t if you won’t. It’s so easy in this manifested reality to forget how much we bring with us with every move we make, and how many lives we affect with a simple choice to go left or right as we leave the house each day. Go deep and remember your roots. Go back to the beginning, and breathe the air of possibility and promise. Then bring that promise forward into right now. Ground it somehow in right now. Bring your fate, your future, your luck with you into right now, and know that it’s not just about you. Your luck, for good or bad, is the luck of generations.



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