Daily Draw: 2 of Cups, Gunnlod

Today’s draw is a validation that change is at hand, and new things are being born. You must protect these things, and for god’s sake use your heads. Don’t give away the farm just to get somebody to love/like/approve of you. Be as discerning as you know how to be, drawing on past experiences and the wisdom of others but always relying ultimately on your own judgment as the final arbiter. Measure twice and cut once, and be at peace once you make those cuts. Invest in your own future and your own lives, not someone else’s. Don’t give away your magic no matter how handsome that stranger is or how much you’re attracted to him/her. And no matter how enchanting the idea might be of running off to join the circus to just get away from everything, be aware that you’d probably end up cleaning up after the elephants,and do you really want to do that? Best to face the reality here and now–face it and get past it.


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