Daily Draw: 3 of Cups (rev), Bulgia

Ok, yeah: into every life some rain must fall. Now, here in California we would pretty much all welcome some actual rain, but this is the kind of rain that comes with sorrow. Something is either dying in your life or has died. It might even be a person who has died or is dying, and you receive news of it today. It’s that kind of day. Another thing that has occurred to us here at Muse’s Darling Industries is that this could be the kind of energy that comes when you let a childhood dream die because you just don’t have it in you to make it happen any more. You’ve been beating yourself up about not fulfilling this dream for decades, and it’s time to let it go so you can have room to develop and manifest new dreams. Bury your dead, my dears. Be brave, breathe, weep if you need to, and let go.


One comment

  1. Reblogged this on journeyintoinsanity and commented:
    In my case, it’s my car of 13 years… She either needs a new engine or retirement. I’ve grown quite attached to her, even though she’s just an inanimate machine. But I had grand notions of keeping her running until she’s considered a classic antique. Alas, no…
    I did my own Tarot draw on this situation yesterday, and I got “let it go and be optimistic for something better.”


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