Daily Draw: IV The Emperor (Utgard-Loki)

Today is a lucky day, my friends, a good day to plant or begin things, an auspicious day to go for it. Don’t be run away with by emotions, though, and for god’s sake please don’t spend money you don’t have on lottery tickets. That’s just stupid (and ask us here at Muse’s Darling Industries how we know). It’s a good day to get back in the saddle, to start projects or plans you’ve had in mind but maybe haven’t known how to begin (the answer to THAT one is: just begin). And as you’re going about your day, sprinkle your good luck around. Whisper it into the air, that your good fortune may be carried around to everyone touched by that same wind. Offer up prayers for others who are worse off than you (emotionally or psychologically if not materially, although if you live here in the US, there’s a whole globe full of humans who are worse off than you no matter how bad you have it here). Share the wealth, because it all goes around and comes around and goes around again. You are not an island, no matter how much the dominant paradigm would like you to think you are. We are all in this together, so if you can make somebody else’s journey a little easier today, by all means go for it!



  1. Karen, I’ve been enjoying your daily tarot posts after happening upon your site not too long ago. Rich translations and I really appreciate the deck and rune combo. Thanks for sharing (and what tarot deck is this?). Blessings, Jamie

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