Daily Draw: 5 of Wands (rev), Gjalp & Grein

Today’s draw is a warning to not get drawn into other people’s dramas. Just because somebody poops on your lawn doesn’t mean you have to pick it up and wear it as a hat. Slow down. Think about what you’re getting yourself involved in. Get more information to find out if it’s a battle you really want to engage in. Is somebody trying to get you all worked up so they can use you for their own purposes? Because, yeah: don’t let them do that. If you get drawn in and then taken advantage of, you can’t blame them for it. (Well, you can, but you’ve also got to take some responsibility for yourself as well.) The louder you get in the world, the bigger, the more noticeable, the more powerful you get, the more people will be coming at you with their crap, either to fight you or to get you to fight for them. Whether or not you engage in these battles is entirely up to you–just remember that you will be responsible for the consequences of your choices.


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