Daily Draw: King of Cups (rev), Aegir

Today’s draw is asking you to look at your emotional reality. What are you ignoring? And when I ask that, I’m thinking about what you might be ignoring by allowing yourself to wallow. You are so focused on what the great emotional drama is that you’re missing something more important, something key. Something important. So when the big emotions come up today, be present with (i.e., notice) them, but also look around. What else is going on? Are you having a hard time staying focused on something else, maybe something uncomfortable? I tend to get “teflon” about things sometimes in that I slide right off the uncomfortable things and go straight to the more engaging drama. The wisdom today is to not do that. Keep your focus. Put yourself first and keep yourself first. Do you need rest? Exercise? Vegetables/vitamins? Get plenty of water, and be sure to not let yourself get swept away by other people’s problems. Have compassion and practice loving kindness, of course, especially since today is Memorial Day in the United States so we remember our military dead. But stay in your own lane.


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