Daily Draw: 4 of Swords, The Volva

Today’s draw is complicated, my dears. Honor your dead and pray for (and talk to) your ancestors (and other unseen forces), but also beware of how you approach them and what you say. Approach with a sincere heart, because you’re dealing with hugely powerful energies. They are not bound by the same rules that bind you, and may not have the same agenda as you do. (Think of it this way: have you ever had a conversation with a grandparent about your love life? Do they want the same thing for you that you want for yourself? Because no, at least not with me and my Grandma. 😉 But that’s ok; I still love her very much.) Be careful of your resources, and don’t give anything away. Speak respectfully, and seriously, you guys, if you’re going to engage a Trickster God, be very clear that you are in fact engaging with a Trickster God. Shenanigans will ensue, and don’t you dare blame the Trickster God when that happens, because you asked for it. So be respectful and watch your words.



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