Daily Draw: 3 of Coins (Hrimthurs)

Today’s draw is about recognizing that there is magic out there, people. Just because the Age of Reason happened doesn’t mean that magic stopped flowing in the world. It didn’t. We here in the “enlightened” west just tuned into a different sort of very authoritative, patriarchal magic. And that’s all fine–we need that. Because of that magic, we’ve put men on the moon, we’re investigating weird shiny objects on Pluto, we’ve (mostly) eradicated smallpox. Yay these things. But it would be a serious mistake, it HAS BEEN a serious mistake, to disregard the other forms of magic in the world, the darker magic, the more hidden flows. Tap into that today, darlings. When the wind blows in your face, whisper your prayers onto it. Put your blessings onto the wind so that they may be carried all over the world. Be wary of the authority that says, “DO IT MY WAY WHICH IS THE ONLY WAY.” Nod to that authority if you must, for your safety’s sake, but do your own magic once you’re free of its sight. Wish. Act on those lucky impulses. And don’t look too deeply into where they come from. You don’t need to know right now.



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