Daily Draw: IV The Emperor (rev), Utgard-Loki

Ok, here’s the thing: you’re letting yourself get away with murder. Maybe you’ve got good reasons: maybe things have well and truly sucked this last little bit and you’ve needed to do what you’ve needed to do to hang on. That’s all ok. But now it’s time to reestablish some limits and boundaries. It’s time to get some discipline going on here. Boundaries are not a bad thing. Discipline can be really helpful when it comes to getting things done out in the real world. You have goals you need (or want) to accomplish, so it’s time to buckle down and get them done. Do it in a healthy way: no self-bashing, because that’s also an indulgence. No adolescent hyper-emotionalism either, because that’s an unhelpful luxury you can’t afford. Let it flow past you, and focus on getting the work done.


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