Daily Draw: 4 of Coins, Fafnir

Today’s draw calls us to focus, hard, despite everything else that’s going on around us. You might be having family or personal drama going on; struggles that you’ve had for a looooooong time, issues that have yet to be resolved with others. Focus anyway. Lake Town was burning to the ground around him while Bard the Archer focused on the weak spot that would ultimately bring down Smaug the Destroyer. If Bard had lost focus for a moment, if he had paid attention to the screaming, the crashing and smashing, the roaring of the dragon, instead of his one point of focus, all would have been lost. Keep moving. Acknowledge or be aware of threats and dangers, be aware of distractions, but don’t give in to them. You’re not a child/teen/young adult any more. You’re a grown up with grown up responsibilities. Other people are going to do their other-people thing. They’re acting from their fears, their nightmares, their karma. It’s not personal. Have compassion as much as you can for them in their process (don’t be condescending; you’re on a human journey too and need compassion and forgiveness as much as they do); but don’t engage their shadows. And for god’s sake don’t take on their pain. Empathize, absolutely, but from behind a safe boundary.


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