Daily Draw: 6 of Coins, Suttung

Ok, here’s a thing: we who have Christian roots tend to want to give away what we receive because we think that’s the good, right, holy thing to do. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries were speaking with a friend about this just this past week, about being pathologically honest and not keeping things to ourselves, which we find to be part of the same pattern of giving it all away, like Jesus said to–it’s that whole rich man::heaven camel::needle thing, and it’s completely messed up. Yes, we should help others. Yes, it’s important to do charitable works and good in the world on a daily basis. But that doesn’t mean you should immediately give away things that come to you from Heaven (for lack of a better metaphor) before you know what they are or why they came to you. Let yourself sit with the mystery of giving and receiving today–actually, today just sit with the mystery of receiving; there will be other days to sit in the mystery of giving. Receive gifts, and be aware that gifts come with obligations (which is another thing we westerners are terrible at but which underlies the fabric of a decent society–being obliged to one another is not only ok, it’s foundational). Receive, practice gratitude, and explore the mystery of human obligation and Divine give-and-take. IMG_2665

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