Daily Draw: 8 of Coins (rev), Olvalde & Sons

Today’s draw is about becoming a professional on all levels. Your period of being an amateur is over, my dears–no more Olympics for you. Time to declare yourself as a professional whatever, and start getting paid (in whatever form that payment takes) for your efforts. The door is in front of you, perhaps literally. Open it (please; don’t walk into it, open it first) and walk through. Gird your loins first if you need that confidence boost; you’ve got your tools and weapons ready. The only thing missing right now is you. And here’s an added twist: it’s actually not good for you to stay an apprentice/amateur. It’s not healthy. Something in you is eating you up because it’s not being used in the way in which it needs to be used. It’s twisting you up inside. So get moving, and start using this thing, whatever it is, in an active and healthy way. Get moving, my dears.


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