Daily Draw: 9 of Coins, Nine Maidens of the Mill

Today’s draw is about just getting it done. Focus on your jobs wherever they are: whatever brings you your resources, whatever you consider your work. Do that, and do it well today. Don’t get caught up in the details of the meaning of it all. Let yourself sink into it and become a part of the flow of the workplace (however or wherever that manifests for you, whether that’s a corporate cubicle, a retail outlet somewhere, or your workshop at home). Watch your coworkers–be professional around them, and keep your secrets secret. Keep your “nose to the grindstone” (see photo HINT). Also watch out for Tricksters today. If something goes wrong, practice laughing at yourself and at the situation. Take NOTHING personally. You can’t see how it’s all going to play out right now, so do whatever you need to do to make yourself look good.


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