Daily Draw: III The Empress (rev), Laufey

Today’s draw is showing all things on their heads. Or maybe everything else is fine and you’re the one on your head. You’re certainly getting a lot of blood to your head in this upside-down asana you’re doing, so yay on that, but really, can you get around in life in the most efficient way like this? Seriously, there are easier ways. It’s not supposed to be like this; not really. But the only one who can get it all back on track is you, because you’re the one who got it all off track in the first place. (And when I say “all,” I’m only talking about the events and choices that were and are within your power to make, and that in the past you made out of fear or some other negative emotion rather than out of a desire to live your best possible life. I’m not talking about the crazy Mideast peace process being out of whack and all your fault.) To get yourself back on track, the first thing you need to do is decide to get it back on track, and to start today. Then start setting up boundaries and shielding against that which is not in your best interests, and go from there. Heal, nurture, and keep everything else away from you.



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