Daily Draw: 6 of Swords (rev), Bergelmir

Unless you’ve been living under a large rock, you know that power institutions in the United States are under widespread, serious, and long-overdue scrutiny from both without and within. Issues that have been critical to half the nation are now becoming obvious to the rest of us ( #BlackLivesMatter y’all). Today’s draw reflects this, on both a larger-than-life scale and a more private, intimate scale. But the bad news is that this energy is getting delayed or blocked by something around us, deflected perhaps by those who wish to keep or otherwise have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo (perhaps literally in some cases–for example, those municipalities who prey upon black communities to fill municipal coffers). So look around you today. Where are you getting blocked? Is your forward movement getting held back by something? If so, take careful note: is the block something you can get around safely? Or is it something you should just wait behind until it moves out of your way? Being able to discern about that wisely is what growing up is really all about, so take the time to make good, solid decisions that keep your safety and the safety of your loved ones close to the surface. The path is dark right now, and looking to the authorities to clear it up is not a good idea. Oh, and one more thing: if you’re stuck behind the big thing that won’t move and you’re really impatient but you can’t get around it, consider that you might be working off some negative karma from some other time and place, so just breathe, relax, and offer up this exercise in patience to the Powers of goodness in the world for the benefit of all beings.


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