Daily Draw: 6 of Cups, Kolga

Today’s draw is a bit of a warning about unrealistic expectations and plans, especially where finances are concerned. Yes, we’d all love to win the lottery and do all sorts of good with that money. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries have been known to drift into that fantasy ourselves every once in awhile. At its most useful, such daydreaming leads us into creative paths about how and where to do good in the actual real world, and is sort of a helpful (if slightly weird) reminder of what’s most important to us at the present moment versus what used to be important to us in the past. However, those fantasies are just that: fantasies. Come back to earth, people. You’re dreaming yourself into the poorhouse, into crushing debt (potentially), into agreements and contracts that would have been awesome for you a decade ago but now are less helpful because the employment markets are more savage and less regulated than they used to be. On this International Workers Day, take a good hard look at your worth and ask yourself, “Whose interests are benefitting from my labor here, the corporation’s or my own? How can I better serve my own interests as they are NOW, and plan for a good financial future for myself and my family?” Come out of the dream-world, people. Break down those structures that have you trapped. Fight for your rights and your future in the here and now.


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