Daily Draw: III The Empress (rev), Laufey

Today’s draw is about dealing with bad, unhealthy boundaries. Yikes. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries are rather terrible at boundaries, so when The Great Mother shows up to wag Her finger in our faces and tells us to get our shit together, we listen. Perhaps this is true for you, too: you want to help as many people as you can, you want to be there for whoever needs help, you somehow feel it to be your duty to be strong so that others can fall apart. But who is strong for you when you need to fall apart? You are not in a healthy space right now, my dears, and the world outside is NOT helping. People are being horrible to each other in epic proportions, and Mother Nature Herself is shaking us off (literally, in the case of Nepal). So take today to be kind to yourself. Help others where you feel called, but help yourself too. Slow down. Breathe. Get outside into the sunshine if you can. Walk around a little. Drink lots of water, relax your shoulders, and try to be present in this beautiful, painful moment.


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