Daily Draw: XV The Devil, Fenris

On one level, today’s draw is a reminder that sometimes things are just fucked in the head and unjust. No getting around it. Things happen. Earthquakes level cities. Officials in authority will become power-drunk and act out their most perverse destructive fantasies against those they despise. People at the bottom of the ladder will get spat upon by those above them. You will get spat upon by those above you. It happens. People suck sometimes, and there are demons in the world egging us all on. So do your best to not make your karma any worse today; do your best to think before you act, before you speak. On another level, the potential for positive change is enormous today. You are blocked in many creative ways, this is true. Perhaps you feel like something is sitting on your chest and you can’t speak. Well, the good news is that you can reach out to others for help. You’re not alone. Talk to someone today. Do something in the areas in which you feel you’re blocked. ANYTHING. Any little thing will help. Take a step. Hold someone’s hand and go. You can do it. Breathe.


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