Daily Draw: I The Magician, Loki

I’m not drawing the Loki card on purpose, I promise. I know He’s been up for a lot of people recently, and now I think it’s more about the energy of the Magician than it is about the Norse god, Loki (what I mean is, recently I did a draw offline that brought up the Magician card in another deck, and one of the charms that went with it there was The Eye, just like it is here). So here’s the thing for today: you need to be powerful. You need to be your amazing, powerful self. You are stepping into some strong currents and nothing but your own power will do. There’s nothing to hold onto out here. You need to be what you hold onto. You are strong enough, whether you know it or not–and now is the time to realize that not knowing how strong you are is no longer an option. You can keep on fooling others if you want, if that’s working for you. It’s weird, but we all have our reasons. But you absolutely cannot keep on fooling yourself. Embrace your inner authority and just deal with it.



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